Your inbox. It can be a point of anxiety or your best friend, it’s all about managing what comes in and out of it. For the past 6 months, I’ve been operating at Inbox Zero and it is my number one productivity “hack.” One piece of this strategy is being diligent about who I give the right to email me. That means, when checking out at the mall, always saying ‘no’ to ‘would you like emailed coupons?’ and instantly unsubscribing to newsletters that don’t benefit either me personally or my business. I like to keep an up-to-date list with the newsletters that I am subscribed to and want to share that with you.

18 of My Favorites For Learning

  1. Tim Ferris 5-Bullet Friday — A weekly email from Tim (yeah, we’re first name basis, in my head) of what he’s listening to, thinking about, using lately. [Weekly]

  2. Medium Daily Digest — Every morning, a roundup of articles written by people I follow on Twitter (or Medium) and recommendations from Medium. Incredible. [Daily]

  3. Shopify Partners — Updates from the Shopify platform with suggestions for better e-store development [2–3 Week]

  4. Shopify Blog — Stores, questions, resources from Shopify Central about tools for small businesses. Pretty killer. [Daily]

  5. Product Hunt — Favorite email. By Far. A collection of startups/products/ideas/businesses that are ‘upvoted’ by the community. Great way to stay in touch with startup scene. [Daily]

  6. Mint Blog — A view into different financial strategies aimed at young professionals. [Weekly]

  7. Crew Blog — Inspirational stories and insights into small businesses and entrepreneurship in general [Weekly]

8.Zillow — Updates on real estate markets that I’m interested in [Weekly]

  1. Tradeking Education — Courses and seminars offered from Tradeking on continuing investment knowledge [Weekly]

  2. Entrepreneur Magazine — More of the same, entrepreneur news and advice [Monthly]

  3. Jason Does Stuff — The guy that sold his last name to a startup? Yeah, he has a pretty interesting newsletter [Weekly]

  4. Invision App Blog — A newsletter about design, ya know, UX/UI because that’s not my forte and I like learning about it [Weekly]

13.Peter Diamandis Abundance Insider — Updates from Peter Diamandis on what he believes to be wordly innovations. [Weekly]

  1. Springwise — A collection of new companies that revolve around engineered products or ingenious ideas [Weekly]

  2. SpaceNews — The latest news on things that go into space. Nerdmail. [Weekly]

  3. The Daily Digg — The Digg sends out a newsletter going over their recent stories and what’s being innovated [Weekly]

  4. TodayIFoundOut — Literally, random facts. [Weekly]

  5. NowIKnow — One small tidbit of information every day [Daily]

That’s it! Those are all my subscriptions that I engage with regularly. They all provide some sort of value to my life, otherwise they’d be gone in a heartbeat. If you have any suggestions for new ones, hit me up on Twitter!

p.s. to achieve inbox zero, I use by Google both on my browser and on my iOS devices. It’s incredibly powerful mixed with a handful of plugins (MixMax is the most notable). I am able to bring in all my POP3 and IMAP emails through and can send/receive with all my personal emails and work emails through one tool. If I can’t immediately check the email in the “Done” category, I schedule it to return at a later time.